8.16.2014 by S.T.

We are a flagship and the flagship’s name is Liberty.

7.25.2014 by N.D.

Isaiah 2: It shall come to pass in the latter days that the mountain of the Lord’s house shall be firmly established as the highest mountains and shall be exalted above the hills and all the nations shall flow to it.


God is birthing something new in [FFCC] and it’s with fire.

2.2.2014 by M.D.

God has saved the best for now.

This year you’re going have new realms and new levels of success in your congregation.

Vertical is kingdom thinking.

An increase in community and ministry. A lot more mission trips and a lot more finances come to you.

2.3.2014 by M.D.

Something is on you folks. The Holy Spirit enjoys being with you all as a church.

> You love worship

> Family atmosphere – you are well named!

> Great hunger for His Presence

God’s raising the ceiling tremendously individually and as a church. God is up to something with you all.

2010 by L.B.

You are a key to this city. You are unlocking something for not only your church (your body) but also your city.

I saw you expanding rapidly. Your numbers expanding rapidly and your life as you go out into your communities. As you go out into your jobs, people are going to see you and are going to be saying, “Why are you so happy?” You are going to have open doors because you are so happy. When you are at your jobs, living your life, and you are in your community they’re going to be drawn to you because of that.

I can just see this growing and expanding because you [FFCC] need more room, you need more services, and you need more stuff because more people are coming. So take it all! We just bless that!

2010 by C.L.

A solid foundation. God inhabits the praises of His people. You all are infectious, you’re infecting people with the kingdom.


I’m going to change that word nations to denominations and I’m going to prophesy that other denominations in this city are going to see what God is doing in this church. They will say what amazing things are going down over there!

6.8.2009 by B.F.

The anointing from the foundation of this church is apostolic. I’ve transferred that anointing of apostolic authority in your life.

Many will go out of this church and start works all around. They’ll leave with loyalty.

The church is going to take on a whole new look. A face-lift has happened. Many won’t want to be a part of this face-lift because it might challenge them to change. But I would say unto you if you’re willing to let me stretch you out a little bit, you too will see the glory in the end. I’m raising this church up to be peculiar; set apart.

It will be a church that will impart the apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teachers.

Your sons and daughters will come from a far, they too will come to drink at this bar. They will be filled with power from on high and they’ll go out of this place no longer shy.

1997 by Rev. B.M.

Things might get a little fanatical. Don’t get back to business as usual. People will drive 120 miles to be in the midst of what God is doing here. This is the last day move of God.

1997 by M.F.V.

You are meant to walk in miraculous demonstrations or He [God] wouldn’t have used Moses to compare your pastor with.

1997 by B.F.

The church is going to take on a whole new look; a face-lift has happened; raised up to be peculiar and set apart.

1997 by K.M.

Miracles will begin to be a common thing. It will happen in your meetings until it’s a common thing. It will be something that doesn’t even surprise you. You are learning how to yield to the Spirit. We have been given an important and significant calling. Will we take heed?

10.7.1992 by B.M.

All prophecy is conditional. He can tell you what He’s planning to do in your life but you’ve got to be willing when the time comes for the changes to be made in the areas that God is going to move in. Some things will have to die so God’s plan can live. And changes always bring some death. The death of one way, the life of another.

God is moving this church into a whole new day, a whole new realm. The Holy Ghost is saying that God is taking this church into a whole new plain. It’s not always comfortable. Its not always fun. It breaks traditions. A few will not like it. They might want to run from it. I would just say, “Don’t touch it. Amen.”

Most churches would give their eyes and teeth to have what this church has right here. You’re going to have people rolling the sick into this church to be healed. Somebody at the hospital is going to say, “There’s a place over on Mt. Vernon Rd., it used to be a big old store, that I know people are getting healed.”

I see this place exploding with growth. In the days ahead when this church starts making changes, some of you are going to have to have this tape and listen to it, because this is more powerful than I thought it was going to be.

Tradition is the worst enemy that we have. The devil’s not the worst enemy, tradition is.

Tradition is terrible. Some of you are holding on to traditions, you know you’ve been here thirty years, thirty-two years, some of you were here the first day this thing ever started, and some of your old ways (traditions) are going to have to die, because God just might change some things here. God just might move in some different directions. You can never move without change. God is saying to this church, “Already there are some changes coming.” You will miss what God is trying to do if you let your traditions say, “Well, we didn’t do it that way before.”

I’m telling you, they will drive 120 miles. When God starts doing what He’s getting ready to do here, they’ll come from hundreds of miles around just to be in the midst of praise. But you’ve got to be willing to lay aside your traditions. Tradition is powerful, and it will hinder the move of God, and it will stop what God is trying to do, but let God move.

3.15.90 by B.F.

The Lord says to [FFCC], “I have put in your hearts, within the last year, the reality of expanding yourselves and I’ve placed a vision of not just being one church but various churches. I’m raising up men that will do that. Know that it’s a long way down the road, but it’s coming!”

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