Family of Faith Community Church was founded in 1960. Since then, many prophetic words have been spoken over FFCC. Below are some excerpts from our vault of prophetic words.

The Spirit of God Says...

9.24.2014 by S.K.

Your church is a prototype church. It has to do with being able to drink from many streams and pour into many streams. It is also true that both church and members are growing in identity and that identity is more important than function or role. You are following a path that is marked but you can’t see more than the next few steps. Your family and Family of Faith are being watched and followed. Just look for the next mark along the path.

5.2.2011 by K.H.

This church is going out to the county, surrounding areas, and the nations.

I see a greater realm of the spirit realms by the Holy Ghost leading into places that you’ve never been before. Greater unction, revelation, wisdom, authority, grace and mercy to lead all who will follow into places in the realms of God, in the Holy place where there’s equipment and tools and everything you need to fulfill God’s plan and purpose for your ministry, to fulfill the plan and purpose for this church. There has been 51 years of preparation and now is the time you’re going to step into the place that was given in the beginning days. There were many seeds sown but they never saw the fullness. But God has placed you here for such a time as this so I charge you to be bold and full of grace. Take a leap of faith in the realms of God and watch as the Holy Ghost moves in power, in dunamis, grace and mercy into a place where there’s a mighty harvest of souls. Way beyond your highest dreams and hopes! Birthing souls into the Kingdom harvest greater than you’ll be able to contain! So just be bold and step out and see it. Those who will follow will go with you. There will be adjustments and changes but there will be grace. Don’t miss a step. Listen and obey. Greater joy than you’ve ever seen before. Fulfilling your plan and purpose by the Holy Ghost, the spirit of faith, the spirit of wisdom, and the spirit of might. There is a realm of peace. A realm of rest you’re entering in now and for the rest of your life you’ll live in a flow out of that place. Greater things than you’ve ever dreamed you could ever do as you follow the leading of the spirit. It will be so simple your mind will be confused wondering, could it ever have been that easy, so simple anyone can understand?

2010 by S.B.

Value family above ministry. Walk in humility and honor. Agree with who God says you are and not what your experience says you are. Never give up, never give up, never give up! There’s a strong foundation here.

5.3.2009 by B.F.

It’s time to find your identity. God is about to cause this church to be known in this city.

It’s going to be known for it’s own identity. It’s going to be known for its own personality. It’s not going to be known because of where we came from, Rhema Bible Training Center. There’s people out there looking for what you have, not what someone else has. I see the areas that have been prophesied for the walls to come down, and it’s time, says the Lord, because I’m going to cause this church to go into a realm of explosion. And growth is going to come like never before. The walls will come down and the glory of the Lord will be revealed to this city because of the faithfulness of your heart and the commitment you have made with me. This church building will not be big enough to hold that which I am doing in this town. I will cause the church to begin to multiply on a daily basis for the people of God are looking for these kinds of places.

2006 by Rev. P.S.

The multitudes are coming to you because of the anointing on this place. Consecrate to the plan of God for this place. Unite with your Pastor and move into a new dimension you’ve not had before. It is adjustment time. Things are changing in the Spirit now and in the supernatural.

1997 by K.M.

It will come to pass, in the not too distant future, that some things that were thought to be so far out of reach and so amazing – miracles that had only been heard about that happened in this crusade or happened in this place or in this time – they will begin to be a common thing. You’ll expect it, and you’ll see it. It will happen under your hand; it will happen in your ministry. It will happen in your meetings until it’s a common thing. It will be something that doesn’t even surprise you. It will be something that you just expect; and because you just expect, it will come to pass and it will happen in the not too distant future. You’ve entered into another level of ministry. Your faith will be different, the grace will be different, and the anointing will be different. The ministry will not be the same and it will not be on the same level. It will be on a higher level and it will be to a greater degree. The anointing will be stronger. The revelation will be greater and will increase. Now things are different for you have entered into another level of ministry. And you’ll yield to the Spirit in greater degrees than you have beforeYes, your whole life will be different. You’ll live differently; not just in meetings, not just in times of ministry, but all the time. You’ll learn to cut out things that are distractions. You’ll live a more holy life. You’ll be more holy, but you’ll be happier with more joy and more excitement. You’ll actually enjoy life more than you ever have. And yet, you’ve cut out this and you’ve cut out that, and you don’t do this and you don’t do that, but you don’t feel deprived, you feel liberated. You are liberated and, in truth, you are. And in this way of life there will come increased sensitivity. You’ll know things you didn’t know. You’ll be aware of a lot of things that you formerly were not aware of and, in that, you’ll be able to help a lot more people. Saturations – manifestations – demonstrations.

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